QAD Customer Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Provides a fully functional sales and marketing automation toolset designed to improve sales and marketing productivity, including communications and scheduling tools, pipeline and forecast management and customer service.


Sales Quotations: Supports management of sales quotations for tracking and conversion to sales orders.


Sales Orders: Supports order entry, tracking and reporting order status and inventory allocations in both centralized and decentralized mode. It also allows customer service representatives (CSRs) to configure the process to match the company business processes.


Sales Analysis: Allows companies to monitor margins and salesperson productivity. It also provides analysis on sales by product, item, site and customer, and ranks sales by item, margin or quantity sold.


Pricing: Dynamic and flexible framework for multiple price lists with effectivity dates and discounts that applies sophisticated rules to ensure best pricing.


Configurator: QAD’s complete rules-based product configuration suite supports configurations from quoting and order entry all the way through production planning, shop floor control, serialization, and order fulfillment and after-sale service and support.


Customer Self Service (CSS): Provides a web storefront for self-service sales transactions and inquiries that enable suppliers to automatically take orders while reducing processing cost and time to deliver, and with a higher degree of accuracy.


Demand Management: Tools to build and manage forecasts, either collaboratively or individually, based on mathematical models that utilize demand history.


Trade Management: Enables the ability to drive, manage and reconcile ongoing product promotion events with key retailers to ensure that spending generates appropriate sales, and manages rebates, chargebacks and promotional activities.