Product – QAD ERP

QAD’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is used by over 6,000 manufacturing companies in more than 90 countries and 2,000,000 people. QAD serves six primary industries: life sciences, high tech, industrial equipment, automotive, food and beverage and consumer products.


QAD solutions cover the following areas:

QAD Manufacturing to reduce cost and increase throughput with the latest manufacturing scheduling techniques.


QAD Financials to increase fiscal control and compliance with government mandates for regional and multi-national corporations.


QAD Supply Chain to improve the management of supply and suppliers through real-time collaboration.


QAD Customer Management to improve responsiveness through better collaboration and management of customers and demand from pre to post-sale.


QAD Analytics to help companies measure business performance in key areas.


QAD Open Technology to simplify the transfer of data between QAD products and other external systems.